Our Services

E-Commerce Fulfillment

At Ware-Port, we recognize that traditional 3PL model is not suited for most ecommerce retailers in the current times. Same day and 2 day deliveries are not a premium service, but a standard service level. We take a hi-tech and modern approach to warehousing with the right amount of automation and with the right technology to back it up.

Same Day Shipping
All orders received by noon are shipped the same day from our warehouse. We ship using all major carriers including Fedex, UPS, USPS and DHL.

Return Handling
Return handling is one of the key challenges the small and medium size business face for their store. Our Return Handling is fast and provides a smooth streamlined end to end handling of the goods.

Branded Packaging
While we have standard packaging material for your fulfillment need, we can also ship in the your branded box or polybags

Delivery Services

We have our own fleet of vans and an active DOT number. We provide local delivery services for bulk package delivery to carriers, white glove delivery for high value items, milk runs between warehouses, and replenishments runs for local retailers.
We provide all the resources you need to get your products from point A to point B – including vans, professional drivers, and even partner courier companies so that you can offer a one-stop shop for your customers.
Our delivery services cater to the entire San Francisco/Bay Area and parts of Central Valley.

Kitting and Customization

Take advantage of our kitting capabilities and cutting edge laser engraving technology to customize and kit your products

Import / Export Support Services

Our Import / Export services are specially geared towards overseas merchants who want to have a multi-channel capability to access the e-commerce market in US. We manage the inbounds from port and manage the logistics of shipping the products to B2C channels and B2B channels

Local Retail

We empower local and small businesses to compete with major online retailers. As a small business that may be lacking in its distribution capabilities, Ware-Port is here to provide you with warehousing space and same-day fulfillment capabilities, so local businesses can find their way to the top

Returns Services

Our organized product movement allows us to rapidly process returns, and guarantee the satisfaction of your customers


First, we don’t consider ourselves as “third party” to our customers.  We consider ourselves as an extension of your company. Fast response time, transparency, communication, 100%  same day shipping compliance etc. are some of the elements of our standard services

It is a simple three step process to get started : 1. Establish an account with Ware-Port (1 day) 2. Send Inventory to our warehouse 3. Integrate your storefront with our system (usually 1-3 days for most storefronts)

We have out-of-the-box integration with most popular systems such as Amazon, Walmart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, Wayfair, Magento and many more! We can get these integrated with our systems within 24 hours!

We provide you a customer portal access which provides you real-time information on current inventory, order fulfillment and much more. 

Yes! We have overseas customers who started with us selling on Amazon and now with our multi-channel approach we have helped them get a foothold on other channels like Walmart, Ebay and also B2B.