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The standard 3PL companies provide basic forms of services like pick, pack and warehousing. These are legacy services that worked well before Amazon changed the game for e-commerce. Earlier, e-commerce was mostly an ancillary service that the large retailers offered in addition to brick and mortar sales. It was acceptable to have 3 days (even 2 weeks, in some cases!) shipment time was acceptable. Not anymore!

Amazon has changed the game for e-commerce. Same day shipping is a norm. Customers expect their queries to be resolved within a day. The e-commerce retailers need to run real-time report on sales trend, inventory, returns etc.

The Ware-Port platform offers real-time visibility of inventory, Business Intelligence reports on sales trends, complete reverse logistics solution, local delivery and pickup and excess inventory liquidation. These features will help you make timely decisions about your business operations so that you can grow faster than ever before!

Real-time visibility

Real-time inventory visibility is key for e-commerce retailers. Having real-time visibility helps a retailer to make timely decisions and reduce costs.

Real time inventory management is beneficial for many reasons:

  • It helps to increase sales by helping you reach more customers with the right product at the right time.
  • It allows you to reduce stockouts by ensuring that your products are always available for purchase on your site through automated replenishment orders from suppliers or manufacturers, without needing manual intervention from users or staff members every time there’s an issue with availability of stock!

Reverse Logistics Solution

Ware-Port offers a complete reverse logistics solution to online merchants. We help e-commerce merchants manage returns efficiently. This helps them increase customer satisfaction and also ensure that the saleable returns are put back in the stock.

Local Delivery

We have our own delivery vans and we provide access to direct local delivery in the entire San Francisco / Bay Area

Excess Inventory Liquidation

We help e-commerce merchants manage their inventory efficiently and identify the inventory that is not selling. We also help them liquidate this inventory through various channels like drop shipping, marketplace sales and more. This helps them increase profitability by reducing dead stock and as a result, they can focus on adding new products to their portal instead of managing obsolete inventory.

The Ware-Port platform is one of the most comprehensive and advanced logistics solutions that you can find. It offers a complete 360-degree view of all your inventory, including real-time visibility into sales trends, local delivery and pickup options, as well as the ability to manage your excess inventory without disrupting the customer experience. If you’re looking for a solution that can help you increase your bottom line while reducing costs associated with returns, this is it!